On this web server Three websites with g-rated content are run.Because 321was not classified as a website for adults, the proximity to other adult websites could impact the classifcation of this website negatively.There is a forum too which is great for catching up on the daily gossip lol. Read Full Review I don't know what's in this but I really want to tell every one it iz better than love kind of things !Please don't mind this but every 1 have waste them time like this kind of rooms :) Good iz this k you can understand the others mantalty And bad thing iz that its really wasting of time…I love 321chat very friendly people would recommend it to everyone.however as of 2 months ago I can't get in to any room at all.otherwise I would give it 5 stars. Read Full Review They've made a lot of updates and upgrades to keep this site current. Chatting at 321 Chat takes some stress off of every day life and also helps you make new friends.- 100% Mobile Friendly - Most up to date forum321- Holiday, themed logo / website - Patched chat room so no more redirects - Still offer Digi Chat - Added Articles - Added Reviews of chat products- Respond to forum and email questions They are doing great by me! Read Full Review THIS SITE REALLY NEEDS UPDATING; NO LONGER WORKS IN CHROME - AND IN IE - IT GIVES WARNINGS THAT THE SITE CERTIFICATE IS OUTDATED. It's free and we don't need to register, which I feel is a bonus.

They only start doing what they did to get the ban in the first place after a simple apology.

Read Full Review They are being way to strict with there rules I been in this chat for a long time to know so. I'm in college and studying medicine as well, and has a part job as vet assistant with my cousin.

I can also agree that I am the age of 20 year old now. If you want to know me more I also has FB/Twitter/instagram. And because of the age limit that was set to (13-19) has been changed to (13-20)…

It helped me come to terms with my sexuality and know I'm not alone out there. The users were generally very friendly with the occassional troublemaker.

Many rooms to choose from and a message boards too.. Mods were relatively fair and didn't seem flippant with the consequences they dealt.

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