Anamalsex partners and dating

He, therefore, suggests using a scale resembling Kinsey's sexual orientation scale which was also offered by Blake (1971).

Donofrio's model suggests that those who have no interest whatsoever in sexual contact with animals would appear at the Zero point of the scale.

Stasya (1996), Tanka (1995), Shepherd (1996) and Fox (1994) on the Internet agreed with this definition.

And Donofrio (1996) reports that the concept of zoophilia, being a sexual orientation, was supported by his doctoral study.

Those individuals whose sole sexual outlet and attraction are animals would be assigned the Six position.

Along that continuum, between these two extremes, would be individuals who include animal sexual contact in their fantasy, or have had incidental experiences with animals, have had more than incidental contact with animals, place their sexual activity with animals equal to that involving humans, prefer animal contact but engage in more than incidental contact with humans, and those who engage primarily in contact with animals with only incidental human sexual contact.

I was intrigued with the idea that there are people who may be sexually attracted to animals and may even prefer animals as sex partners to humans.

I decided to dedicate my doctoral dissertation to this topic and began to study bestiality and zoophilia. Some of my colleagues and friends thought I was out of my mind: "You are going to study what?

I found a specialized magazine, The Wild Animal Revue, which provided me with much information about this topic and its editor was so kind as to lend me several rare books to help with my study.

None of them, however, provides an in-depth picture into the lives and behaviors of the people who engage in sexual relations with animals.

Many authors volunteer their opinions and discuss humans' sexual relations with animals as though they are an authority on the subject.

" Some concluded there was something wrong with me, that I needed therapy and/or that I myself was having sex with animals.

The man I was dating at the time could not even handle discussing the topic and we ended up going our separate ways (it wasn't a good relationship anyway).

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