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My background: born and raised in China, lived in Western Europe for 15 years, and married a white German lady.So you can guess the answer if you ask my wife :)I don't want to over simplify the picture.Hi everyone Everytime I go outside, I can see many foreign guys with a Chinese girlffriend, but I never see any foreign women with a Chinese boyfriend.This question can sound weird but I really wonder why?I would just like to hear from any other foreign girls who have dated locals.Do you have any advice that would be specific to dating local Chinese.If he likes you just cuz of your color you shouldn’t be seeing him. The irony is that you will be expected to be the "best of both worlds" but if you love him you can pull it off.I think foreign girls seeing Chinese guys is much better that white guy’s yellow fever! I broke up with her----for langfangvegas I don't think it's the same here in Beijing,too many losers couldn't get a girl the same color and there are so many ignorant Chinese girls makes them some luck---for Beijingdays Who cares?

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Nora Wilson's answer gives you a good impression of what Western girls experience there.

I don't know any foreign women here who are looking for a local. Yet all the foreign men I know here, either have a Chinese chick or are jealous of those who do. I don't have a Chinese girlfriend, so I guess you might need to explain.

Any which way, it's nice if you believe that those predatory Chinese women are taking advantage of all the innocent foreign guys. Anyway, thanks for being on our side - it's great to know that we have your support when we are again forced to encounter the hordes of Chinese women throwing themselves at us.

Why is a Chinese guy with a foreign girl better than a Chinese girl with a foreign guy? I imagine you get reeeeaaaally hot and bothered when you see a Chinese girl going with a laowai. How many foreign women ( make that white-skinned ladies) are looking for a Chinese man?

Now how many foreign men are looking and finding Chinese women?

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