Dating customs in chile

There are many activities you can carry out; there are all types of fun cultural centers, museums, and parks where you can sit and watch people carry out their everyday activities – even just walking through the hills is a fantastic experience.

In this tour, we start out by visiting the most important view points and promenades of the city, such as 21 De Mayo, Gervasoni, Atkinson & Yugoslavo, where you’ll hear the history of this great city.

As we leave Puerto Chacabuco, on the east coast of the fiord, a small bay is full of activities such as salmon farming--one of the main economic activities of the region.

The mountainous landscape offers us a spectacular panoramic view of the mountains and glaciers that adorn this part of the Patagonia.

Situated just 110 km west of Santiago in the northernmost part of the coastal tour circuit, Algarrobo is one of the main resort towns on Chile’s central coast and home to some of its most beautiful scenery.

Zapallar is situated on a small, north-facing enclosed bay.

Protected from the southern winds, it has its own microclimate resulting in luxuriant vegetation.

After a funicular ride you will be taken to Cerro Alegre, and Cerro Concepción, two of the main touristic hills in the city.

We then make our way to Viña del Mar, you’ll see the famous “Garden Clock”, as well as the Municipal Casino, the “Quinta Vergara” (where the city’s founding family had their Estate), and the gorgeous coastal views that the city has to offer.

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