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There are thousands of new and fresh Filipina brides who migrated to the US every year. Filipina women are proud of themselves to get married with White husbands.Their parents are proud of themselves to have White son-in-laws.Companies and entrepreneurs can significantly improve their chances of getting attention if they find a current investor in their company or project who will help arrange an introduction.Angel funds are often the best way to find that vitally important lead investor, which is why they are good prospects for entrepreneurs and companies seeking startup funding.A group of dedicated entrepreneurs are working on a Web 2.0 solution for companies who want to connect with angel investors.

In Vancouver, there are two excellent angel meetings: The Vantec Angel group was founded by Mike Volker and a group of other volunteers in 1998.These days, Mike runs the tech meetings and Thealzel Lee coordinates the life sciences meeting.Vantec meets the first Tuesday of each month at AM.Unfortunately, just emailing a business plan alone is a long shot.Fund managers with a public email address receive many unsolicited business plans every week.

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