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Takes the Java Script in a web page and validates it, first by translating the page contents into just Java Script and running that through our regular Java Script compiler.

The reported problems then have their location information adjusted so that they show up against the right content in the web page.

Determines whether the current state of a DTD is semantically valid.

XML files are validated according to the XML specification Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0 from the W3C Web site.

You must create an extension in your plug-in to extend the validator extension point from the framework in order to create a new validator.

The example in Listing 1 shows how an extension would look.

Specifically, the EJB Validator validates the following resources: Checks the semantic errors that are not caught by the XML syntax checker.

It can be Manual, Build, and the selectable Settings.Hi I am getting constant delays while waiting for 'jpa change event handler'. I see Dali is included in JBDS, but it does not seem to be able to be uninstalled (at least via the Eclipse UI).The Validation Framework offers a set of APIs to create and manage validators easily in IBM® Rational® Application Developer.The Validation Framework is an open source project, and it is controlled by the Eclipse community (Web Tools Platform).

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