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“He came over for literally no reason the other night and told me everything,” she tells “We wound up going for a walk and then sitting on our apartment roof for a while.

I then get a weird message on Linked In the next day—he clearly didn’t want his wife to know he was chatting up girls.

“He worked in music, beer/alcohol, and marketing—all of which were target industries,” she says, then admits, “But mainly, his profile picture was utterly captivating.”Eventually, she reached out. Such might be the case with Linked In—which, at over 450 million members, is the world’s largest professional networking site.Though its intended purpose is to help users keep tabs on their career connections and facilitate networking with people in their field, over the last few years it has, for some users, also become a place to troll for dates.“As soon as I got out of class and found his reply, I emailed him to ask for some of his time to discuss his experiences working with different brands and in different roles in the marketing industry.” Linked In messages quickly turned into emails, which escalated to phone calls. There is, of course, a sinister side to using it this way.They finally met in New York City in March 2014, where they fell in love. For some of the people we spoke to, Linked In has also been used as a way for cheaters to hit on people while avoiding suspicion—using the guise of professionalism to be pretty damn unprofessional.

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