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Charlie: “The other day we were hanging out under the bridge, we found a box of denim, and I'm like "these look like good jeans in here," and (Frank)'s like "Wanna split them with me 50/50?

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Crude, irreverent to the point of insanity and unapologetically, delightfully offensive, it was not a show that seemed destined for mainstream fame or long-term success.As it stands now, Frank is a pint-sized disaster human who loves prostitutes, sausage links and getting naked in the Philadelphia sewer system with Charlie, his possible son that he sleeps in the same bed with. Though in season 2, when the character was first introduced, Frank’s lunacy was a little more toned-down.But “The Gang Gets Invincible” is where Frank really starts letting his freak flag fly. This episode is based on a citywide flip cup tournament that Paddy’s Pub had been banned from for a decade…for poisoning their competition, of course.They’re a group of lovably insane, perpetually drunk Philly- born degenerates who make the cast of Seinfeld look well adjusted.Charlie, Mac, Dennis, Frank and Dee are all, in their own way, batshit insane.

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