Niki blonsky and zac efron dating netdating gratis Vallensbæk

I'm very close friends with Nikki Blonsky, we chat all the time!Plus, there's totally something to be said for trying out a different line of work just to see what it's like, regardless of having been in big movies or on TV.

The movie was based on the Broadway play as well as the John Waters version. She said the best friend she made on the movie was Travolta.'The one person in my phone that I can tell you I can text at any moment that just always has my back and is always there for me is John.'He is the greatest. He’s the greatest man in the entire world, I can say that. Meeting him was like meeting a guardian angel that I always needed to have. So close: She said the best friend she made on the movie was Travolta.

I don’t think I could ever recreate that, but then again that’s not really what we’re setting out to do.

The challenge is always, ‘how do you approach that without remaking the film to a ‘T.’ I’m not worried about that, because I don’t think I could do what Kevin Bacon does in the film.

The High School Musical heart throb had been dating his former co star Vanessa since they appeared as lovestruck couple Troy and Gabriella in the hit movie.

A source told the US Star magazine that ‘Zanessa’ went their separate ways last month after a series of fights and now Zac is besotted with his Hairspray co star Nikki."Zac is completely taken with Nikki.

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