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Imo, I think this is definitely about an assassin (guaranteed to blow your mind).

But it's about a MAN dressed as a woman (queen) (if you're that way inclined) (dynomite with the laser beam).

I know of gelatin, but not this), and I personally hear "guillotine" which to me makes sense with the rest of the lyrics, and coincides with the Marie Antoinette reference. , It has been my number 1 faverite song of all times.

However, I am notorious for mishearing things, so this may be another case of that. I have since then been an avid fan and collector of the band.

Then comes built in remedy for kruschov and kennedy.

That's what the song is about, though I'd prefer people to put their own interpretation upon it - to read what they like into it." As Mercury said, it's about a whore, but I think Kelly's interpretation makes more sense. I even resorted to downloading it (Forgive me Queen). Despite it all, she was actually quite sympathetic toward the plight of the underclass in France, but once the revolution started she, and all her family, were doomed. We say "let them eat cake," but the expression in French is "Qu'ils mangent des brioches," or "let them eat brioche." The point is not that she was meant to have said they should eat burnt leftovers; rather, it points to her naivete - if there's no bread, why don't they have cake (or brioche) instead? my friends and me have this on our video game jam list (dorky sounding but hey) and it's just a funny sight to see 12 kids sitting in a tiny room singing and jamming this song.

After a long and hard thesis on the French Revolution and the European Royalty that led to it's demise i can accurately say that it was a Spanish Consort who uttered the "let them eat cake" (in the english translation)I always thought, since I knew history and the fact that the queen never said let them eat cake, that it was about the kind of woman that would buy the best butter (review you Alice in Wonderland), but not have enough money to pay the gas bill. I first heard this song while going to my friends house at 10 pm. RE: Marie Antoinette and cake or dough or whatever...1. We may say that something crusty stuck to the interior of something is "caked on" (like dough, oatmeal, lasagna in a pan), but there is not a French verbal equivalent. ah good times In the musical We will rock you, the Killer Queen is the evil woman that runs only company (cant remember name) that´s allowed to publish music.

I got this from a history teacher, so it is very relyable.

The accompanying video recorded in a Top of the Pops session was later widely ridiculed by the band.

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