Spsite allwebs unauthorizedaccessexception

Starting with a SPVirtual Server I iterated through the each SPSite and thus the SPSite. The first SPWeb Collection is for the portal itself (the following are personal and team SPS sites). we’ll see if it catches on) the SPWebs I was attempting to access to Alerts property to gather my stats. That user was setup as a Sharepoint administrator and as the DB admin. This is where I ran in to trouble and started catching Un Authorized Access Exception. You will see little help and/or pity from other developers on forums when newbies hit these obstacles because most of the information is there in the SDK to be sorted out if you take the time. However, there comes a time when your understanding is shaken when encountering a new and interesting error. You will need to recursively loop and call Get Sub Webs For Current User on each SPWeb you find.. Sharepoint Portal 2003 has a fairly decent object model to work with.

Grant Access To Process Identity(" SHAREPOINT2013SPRestore")[/code]Please comment below if you have any questions. Callback(Int Ptr h Wnd, Int32 msg, Int Ptr wparam, Int Ptr lparam) It doesn’t matter if you are admin in your domain. If you are a Share Point Portal Admin it will definitely work. If you are updating from a webparts then only make sure you are not trying to update loopup / choice / calculated etc fields because those need to treat differently. So I think, you can recheck with your installation. Allow Unsafe Updates = true; Everything else seems fine to me. Is this DLL Sharepoint config/version dependant - can't find it aywhere, but can find Microsoft. Because if you have Share Point installed then the Microsoft. should be located under C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\ISAPI\ directory.You can grant other accounts privileges to run Power Shell Commands, and you have to do this if you are going to use a non-farm admin account to run Power Shell.You can find that information here: Besides shell admin rights (not even sure that is needed), the account you execute the command with needs permissions to access the site/web, either though policy on webapplication or on site/web level.

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