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“Creative people do have a role to play in showcasing men and women in a manner that influences people in the right way.

I do believe we have some sort of responsibility in that,” he said.

The decision to artificially inseminate Tian Tian came after zookeepers concluded there was little chance of a natural pregnancy.

Today is also Tian Tian's 14th birthday, according to a tweet by the Zoo.

“I understand that people are free to be romantically involved with whoever they want.

But you cannot pressure a person into being with you physically.

Adorable footage has emerged which shows a panda grooming himself in a pond while getting ready to meet his best friends.

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The actor, whose recent films Dangal and Secret Superstar focused on female empowerment, also believes that the issues are directly linked to patriarchy.“I think sexual harassment is a very sad thing to happen to anyone, irrespective of what your sex is.

'Tian Tian is being closely monitored by our expert team and we will be the first to share any news as soon as we can.' Tian Tian, who arrived at the zoo in December 2011 along with male partner Yang Guang, was artificially inseminated for the fifth time earlier this year.

If she does give birth, it will be the first giant panda cub born in the UK - though Tian Tian is already a mother, having given birth to twins back in China.

The scandal led to the expose of other Hollywood heavyweights.

Aamir said sexual harassment should not be looked into isolation as it is connected to larger issues of how gender roles have been defined in society. Not only in India but all over the world, (it is) this thinking of patriarchy that men are stronger or are more important that leads to various kind of things. The actor-producer believes that artistes help mould opinion.

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