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“It’s our right to have this business,” he replied — the “we” presumably referring to white people, generally.

“If we want equal rights in this country, it has to be equal rights for everybody.” Russell points to his site’s recent traffic as evidence that others agree: More than 100,000 people visited White People Meet on Sunday, and — as of this writing — 1,033 people have registered to browse the site for free.

It’s not the only controversial dating app to launch this month.

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The new site White People Meet was developed by 53-year-old used car dealer Sam Russell — who insists he isn’t racist because he dated a black woman once. But Russell told the Washington Post that anyone can sign up to use his service – as long as they’re over 18.

No matter — by any name, they're virtually guaranteed to be full of white people eager to partake in the tradition of paying exorbitant prices for goods/services that can easily be produced/rendered with a quick Google search and small bit of effort.

been identified as "gifted," that kid's parents will likely tell you it's simply because incompetent teachers, tutors, psychologists, behavioral experts, counselors and therapists haven't been able to identify that child's important talent quite yet.

(“If you’re a black man who prefers to date white women, this might be a good option,” he said — presuming you can get over the object of your affection’s stated racial preferences.) It costs a month to message other members, and the site’s terms of service specifically prohibit messages that “promote racism, bigotry, [or] hatred.” “The site is not racially motivated in any way,” Russell stressed.

And yet, regardless of what Russell thinks about his site or his own intentions, there’s no denying that dating is racially motivated — and online dating, demonstrably so.

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